Netgear Extender Setup is one such process that extends the coverage of your existing Network making it more effective and efficient. In other words, it permits you to enhance the connectivity of your existing Network by means of a compact Extender Device. As such, you can connect to your Network even from those locations that previously experienced low Signal Strength. 

Depending upon your Network’s Connection Options and the Extender Model; you can perform the Netgear Extender Setup in two ways. You can either set it up through WPS or manually through Installation Assistant. 

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Netgear Extender Setup Through WPS

Neatgear Extender Setup

Netgear Extender Setup Through WPS is the most convenient and quick setup method. However, this method has a pre-requisite. This method is meant solely for WiFi Network. Besides, both the Router and Netgear Extender must support the WPS Setup i.e. they must have a physical WPS push button. If your Devices fulfil these conditions, opt WPS Setup for a quick and hasslefree process.  

  1. Netgear Extender Setup begins with the unboxing of your “Netgear Device”. Carefully remove all the packaging material.
  2. Before proceeding further, ensure that your Router is turned on and functioning properly. Besides, it must support WPS Setup i.e. it must have a WPS Push-button. In other words, it must have a physical push button either on its front or back panel. Along with that, turn on your “Computer” and connect it to the Internet. 
  3. Now, hook up the Extender to a stable Power Source and turn it on. Make sure that its Power Lamp is lit and stable.
  4. During the Netgear Extender Setup process, ensure that you place the Extender close to your Router, preferably in the same room.  
  5. Thereafter, press the WPS button on your Netgear Extender.
  6. After that, go to your Router. Then, press and hold the WPS button for a few seconds. 
  7. As a result, the WPS button on the Extender will lit up confirming that it is connected to the Network. It is located next to the Power Lamp.
  8. In the case of dual-band Routers, repeat the WPS process again. In other words, press the WPS button on the Extender followed by the Router for Netgear Extender Setup. 
  9. Now, unplug the Extender as it is successfully linked with the Network. 
  10. Then, take it to the location where you want to set it up. An ideal location is one that is halfway between your Router’s Location and the area with low Signal Strength. Besides, never place it too far from the Router. 
  11. Next, you should plug in the Extender to a Power Source. Then, turn it on. Make sure its Power Light is lit and stable. 
  12. Subsequently, the Router Link LED will start blinking. Wait for it to turn Green/ Amber in colour. Besides, it must be stable. 
  13. However, in case If it continues to blink. Then, try moving the Extender to a different location until you get an appropriate location.
  14. Once you have safely connected the Extender to the Router, proceed further with Netgear Extender Setup. Place the Device that you want to connect close to the Extender. 
  15. Now, connect the Computer/ Mobile Device to the Extenders. For this, go to the System Tray of your Device and click on its WiFi Connection icon. 
  16. Turn On the WiFi Switch and select your Extender’s Network Name. It will read “Your Router Network_Ext”. Click the “Connect” button beneath it.
  17. Thereafter, enter your Extender’s Password. It is the same as your Router’s Password. You can also select the Auto-connect option for the future. 
  18. For completing Netgear Extender Setup, connect any Mobile Device to the Extender’s Network.
  19. Then, take it to the location that was previously showing low Signal Strength. 
  20. Return back to your Netgear Extender and check its Client Link LED. It must be lit and stable with Green/ Amber colour. 

You can also seek the help of our technical experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.


Netgear Extender Setup Through Installation Assistant

This is a manual Setup Procedure by means of a user-friendly Installation Assistant i.e. a Web-based portal. In this method, you connect the Extender to your Computer/ Mobile Device which in turn is hooked to your Home Network. As such, the Extender connects to the Network through your Computing Device.  

  1. Turn On your Extender after connecting it to a Power Source. 
  2. Connect the Extender to your Computer/ Mobile Device. For this, open the WiFi Connection Manager of your Device. Then, connect to the WiFi with the name “Netgear_Ext”. Alternatively, use an Ethernet Cable to connect the Extender to your Computer. 
  3. Launch a Web Browser and go to “”. 
  4. Select “WiFi Range Extender” on the following window.
  5. As a result, a list of available Router Networks will appear. Hence, make an appropriate selection.
  6. Then, enter your Router’s Password. 
  7. The following window displays credentials of your Extender’s Network. If required, reset its Password.
  8. Then, click “Next”.
  9. This completes the Netgear Extender Setup Through Installation Assistant. 
  10. Subsequently, relocate your extender and re-establish the connection.