Netgear WiFi Extenders are a brilliant solution to fix your WiFi Network Coverage issues. They extend the range of your existing WiFi Network and gives you freedom from previous dead zones. With a quick Setup, they are ready to serve you with enhanced WiFi Network. Besides, you have complete control over its settings. For this, you have a user-friendly web portal i.e. “”. All you have to do is access your Netgear Extender Login Account. 

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How To Create a Netgear Extender Login Account?

Neatgear Extender login

Before you could get access to your Netgear Extender Login Account, it is essential to set it up. This account assists you in managing the settings of your avant-garde Netgear Extender. You can easily view and change these Settings to customize the Extender for an improved experience. Moreover, it automatically creates the Netgear Extender Account during the Setup process. For this purpose, it takes Admin and Password as the credentials of your WiFi Extender. As such, “Admin” is your default Username and “Password” is your default Password. Once the Setup is complete, it allows you to reset both the Username and Password for your Extender’s Account. In fact, you can change them at any point of time. 

However, in case of Extender models that supports Setup through Netgear Genie, your Genie Account doubles up as your Netgear Extender Login Account. In short, it doesn’t require you to create the Account manually. Instead, it generates your Login Credentials during the Setup process. 

You can also seek the help of our technical experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.


Access Netgear Extender Login Account

In order to access your Netgear Extender Login Account, you must verify the SSID Name of your Extender in the very first place. There are two possibilities. Either, you may have left it to its default Name i.e. your Router’s SSID. Or, you may have changed it to a distinct name different from your Router’s SSID. Depending on these possibilities, you can access this Account either at “” or “extender’s IP address” (for eg.

  1. First of all, turn On your Computer or Mobile Device. 
  2. Now, connect the Device to your Extender’s Network. For this, go to the System Tray of your Device i.e. at the bottom right-hand corner of your monitor screen. Look for the WiFi Connection icon. You may have to click the Inverted Triangle to expand System Tray for this. Click on it to launch the WiFi Connection Manager. Turn On the WiFi Toggle Switch. Then, select your Extender’s Network. Click on “Connect”. Thereafter, provide its corresponding Password. 
  3. Next, you should bring up an Internet Browser.
  4. After that, launch the required Webpage for accessing your Netgear Extender Account. In case of same SSID Name for both the Router and Extender, go to “Extender’s IP Address”. You can check the same by accessing your WiFi Router’s Account. Here, you should locate the Page displaying all the connected devices including your Netgear Extender. Beside your Extender Name, you will find its IP (Internet Protocol) Address. However, if you have already changed the SSID Name for your extender’s Network. Then, visit “”.  
  5. As a result, you will get the Login window for your Netgear Extender Login Account. 
  6. In order to proceed further, it requires you to provide your Account’s Username and Password. Hence, enter the same correctly. In case you don’t remember the credentials, click on the Username & Password Help link. 
  7. After that, click on “Log In”.
  8. This leads you to the Status Page of your Netgear Extender Account. However, if you get a Menu icon, click on it. 
  9. Subsequently, select “Settings” to access your Extender’s Settings.

In this way, you can get access to your Netgear Extender Login Account. This simple process gives you complete management control over the Settings of your Extender.